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Apr 22, 2021

Break Up Relationships?




Let’s face it, there is trauma that comes along with breakups.  They can be devasting to our mental, physical and emotional health.

Inside this episode, you’ll learn how to get through break ups quicker and with less impact on your entire life. Learn how different personalities requires different tools.

Who’s there to help you get through the heartbreak, the vulnerability, and shame?

What are the key ingredients to breaking up well? What’s the right process?


Von Simmons is a Break-Up Coach. Von Simmons Fisher is all about breaking up with and bouncing back from expired relationships, situations, and mindsets. Through powerful conversations, inspired action, and a magical gift for creating safe and supported environments, she’s here to help you get unstuck, make big girl decisions, and finally achieve the greatest love of all. For candid talk with a healthy dose of empowerment, check her out at or on IG at @coachvonfisher.

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